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What is Concierge Counseling? 

If your status, lifestyle, public profile, schedule, or profession do not allow you to seek traditional psychotherapy services, then Concierge Counseling is for you.

Concierge Counseling is the most elite form of therapy where clients pay for the ability to consult with their clinician more often and more quickly than with providers in traditional settings. Sessions are offered when clients are most in need and within whichever compacity they prefer.

Please be mindful:

Concierge Counseling may only be offered to a
limited number of clients at any given time.


The Flow of Frequency

With Concierge, you're able to meet with your clinician multiple times per week instead of waiting for your next appointment 7-days later.

The Cost of Comfort

Don't feel like having a full 1-on-1 session? With Concierge, you have the ability to call, text, email, or have a virtual session. 

The Reassurance of Reliability

Concierge Counseling offers access to your clinician when you need it. 

The Price for Privacy

Going Concierge means that your personal history remains confidential with your therapist. Your insurance company won't even need to know you've been in treatment.

The Allure of Anonymity 

Did you know that once you have a formal diagnosis with any provider, it can follow you throughout your entire insured life? Since Concierge is an out-of-pocket premier service, your insurance will not need to label you with a diagnosis that you can't escape from. 

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